Governator Savior

Arnold Schwarzenegger ne tue des gens que dans les films, dans la réalité, le gouverneur de Californie sauve des vies:


Schwarzenegger rescues swimmer off Maui coast

Associated Press
Apr. 9, 2004 08:51 AM

BURBANK, Calif. - A swimmer off the coast of Maui probably is alive because of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"Access Hollywood" says the California governor was in the water swimming towards his wife Maria Shriver when he passed by a man who was having trouble swimming and breathing.

Schwarzenegger asked if he was OK and the guy said "no."

So, Schwarzenegger grabbed a boogie board. And, here's where all that weight training helped - while he was treading 20-foot deep water, he picked the man up, put him on the board and swam with him to shore.

"Access Hollywood" says Schwarzenegger sat with the man for a while on the beach. Before he left, he told the man to "sit here for another 30 minutes."

The man is doing OK.

Schwarzenegger and his family are vacationing in Hawaii this week.

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