Condi Rice et le flop de la conspiration du siècle

Comme Ase le rappelait la semaine passée, il semble que le nouveau livre de Clarke, censé faire exploser l'administration Bush sur le thème de la lutte contre le terrorisme, s'apparente chaque fois plus à un pétard mouillé.  Cette semaine, c’était Condoleezza Rice qui était reçue à la commission sur les attentats du 11 septembre.  Petits extraits :


One genuinely interesting news nugget came in Ms. Rice's opening statement. There she gave details of the Bush Administration's first major national security directive, completed September 4, 2001. It covered "not Russia, not missile defense, not Iraq, but the elimination of al-Qaeda." Obviously this didn't prevent the events of a week later. But it does suggest, contra Richard Clarke, that the Administration was attentive to the terrorist threat.



Ms. Rice properly observed that there is no obvious response to non-specific warnings that "something very big may happen."



Unlike his predecessor, President Bush was already conferring with his Director of Central Intelligence on a daily basis.



In another arena Ms. Rice might have blamed Democrats of the John Kerry stripe for another barrier to effective counterterrorism. Instead, she politely limited herself to pointing out the 1970s-era laws forbidding information-sharing between intelligence and law-enforcement officials.

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