Qaund le gouvernement impose des prix planchers

Un article de Walter Williams sur les prix plancher imposés par le gouvernement du Maryland sur l'essence.



Do you suppose that Maryland enacted its gasoline minimum-price law because irate customers complained to the state legislature that gasoline prices were too low?


Then, the next question is just whose interest is served by, and just who lobbied for, Maryland’s gasoline minimum-price law?


Let’s first establish a general economic principle. Whenever one sees statutory or quasi-statutory minimum prices, he is looking at a seller collusion against customers in general as well as against particular sellers, those who are seen as charging too low a price. This economic principle applies whether you’re talking about minimum wages, minimum dairy prices or minimum real-estate sales commissions. Members of a seller collusion call for statutory and quasi-statutory minimum prices so they can charge customers higher prices than they could otherwise in the absence of a statutory minimum.


A lire en entier bien sûr ;-)

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