Réponse à l'article du Times

Un lecteur m'envoie une réponse qu'un certain Drieu Godefridi a envoyé
au Times concernant l'article mentionné ci-dessus:

Letter to the editor of "The Times",

April 29, 2004

Dear Sir,

This letter in reaction to your article on the banning by the Belgian judiciary
of a political party, the Vlaams Blok, because of its racism
(your April 24 edition).
The author writes that "the VB's racism was merely an excuse"
and that the real reason was that the VB advocates secession of Flanders
from Belgium -- "an artificial state created (...) as a result of political ideology"
-- and that "as Belgium's only conservative party -the VB- upsets the country's
cosy political applecart."

May I submit that this is not only false, but utterly ridiculous.
First, the banning was by an all-Flemish court of law.
Second, the VB has nothing to do with conservatism in the
Anglo-American sense, and everything to do with Jean-Marie Le Pen's
Front National, Jord Haider's FPÖ or the British National Party.
That kind of so-called "conservatism" is better named etatism
and nationalism. Thirdly, Belgium is certainly no more artificial than,
say, the United Kingdom, and there is a difference :
the "linguistic question" in Belgium has never caused the death of
a single person. There is nothing like a Flemish or Walloon IRA,
if you see what I mean.

Finally, as the director of one of the leading conservative,
classical-liberal think-tanks in Belgium, the Hayek Institute
(http://www.fahayek.org), and as a regular reader of "The Times",
let me suggest you to better check your sources next time you write
on conservatism in Belgium.

Yours faithfully

Drieu Godefridi

av. Louise, 2/3
1050 Bruxelles
+32 2/6407393
+32 475/319936
fax +3210 867779

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